Osteosynthesis with a titanium spiral with a bioactive coating of proximal shoulder fractures on the background of osteoporosis
3D-Modeling in the Production of Custom-Made Implants

Physics of Cancer: Interdisciplinary Problems and Clinical Applications (PC’16)

A. G. Popov, V. A. Kovalev, I. I. Anisenya, D. V. Mitrichenko, A. B. Prosolov, and I. A. Khlusov'

IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "New Technologies for the Creation and Use of Bioceramics in Restorative Medicine"

A.A. Pustovalova, N.M. Ivanova, M.Ye. Konishchev, I.A. Khlusov, Sun' Chzhiley, K.Ye. Yevdokimov, V.F. Pichugin

BIT's 2nd Annual Word Congress of Orthopaedics-2015

Komkov A.R., Khlusov I.A., Mitrichenko D.V. Prosolov A.B. Tverdokhlebov S.I.

Scientific research

Structural characteristics of titanium oxide and oxynitride coatings obtained by reactive magnetron sputtering and their hemocompatible properties assessment in vitro

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